strawberry night saga episode 8

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I’m not sure my heart has been in it completely… that is until this episode.

The mood has completely changed. I’m guessing the author Tetsuya Honda really began to get in his stride by this story. I do wish that I could read the novel…

The production style really lifted a notch here with some beautiful shots and well fitting background music – it was so moving. It could have been really easy to fail with a storyline like this, how could you truly suspend imagination long enough to believe that she would so that? But they made it effortless.

At this stage of the drama I feel it’s appropriate to say that it was a bit of a mistake for Kamenashi to take on the role. Perhaps it wasn’t well written or perhaps it just doesn’t suit him. He just seems to spend most of his on screen time staring with an empty, rather melancholy expression. Still, there is the final story arc to go, so I’ll wait before a final verdict.

If the last episodes keep up this level of intensity, It won’t take me long at all!

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