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54 Replies to “Join Miamaw-subs”

  1. Hi there! I’ve fallen behind on jdramas the past few years, but the previews for Kame’s new drama excited me so much!! I’d love to watch Red Eyes and check out your other projects too

    Thank you for subbing and sharing!

  2. Hi, otsukaresamadeshita. Are you studying japanese? I appreciate your work and I’d like to join your community and be able to see your subtitles. I’m learning japanese and In
    think jdramas help a lot.


    1. Hi! Thank you, I certainly am studying Japanese and I find subbing a fantastic way of improving my listening and reading skills – I highly recommend giving it a go if you’re studying yourself 😋 Don’t forget to press the join button too 😉

  3. Hi, I love jdrama and I have some difficulty searching jdrama with subtitles which why I would like to join. I hope you will accept.

    Thank you for all your hardwork

  4. Hello, I would like to join. I’m a J-Drama fan and it’s kinda hard to find where I could watch with subtitles. I hope you could let me join☺… Thank you ♥

  5. Hi, I’ve just discovered your site.
    It’s unusual to find subbing community outside livejournal or dw.
    I’d like to join, I promise to keep the subs for myself only.
    Thank you for subbing rare j-dramas/movies. You’re truly a savior.


  6. Hey!!!
    I was super duper happy when I came across your page , you have no idea how long I have searched for one ,love the work you’re doing. Thanks to your amazing work now I get to watch alot of my fav jdramas.I hope you will accept me into your members only section .
    Thank you in advance for your hard work!!❤️

  7. Hi. I love Japanese dramas and really appreciate anyone who subs them! You’ve subbed a few dramas I am interested in so want to be part of the community. Thanks again for your work.

  8. Hello! I am a big fan Japanese drama and I am so thrilled when i found your page and you have subbed some of the dramas i’ve been looking for xD

    Thank you for your hard work! It would be awesome if you could accept me 😀

  9. Hi,

    I love Japanese drama series and movies a lot and highly appreciate your efforts to provide high-quality subs for all of us to enjoy.

    Please allow me to join your Members Only community.

    Thank you!

  10. Hi, I’m one of them that being helped by all your hard work!
    Can’t say thank you enough for you, dear.

    My name is Jingga and I enjoy watching all of your works. I would like to join your membership because I want to watch more J-dramas that you subbed! I hope you can accept me, so we can celebrate together.

    I hope you always happy and healthy, stay safe and sane.

  11. Hi! I’m learning japanese and still need subtitles to understand. I’d really appreciate an invite. Thank you.

  12. Hi. I lile watching Japanese drama but unfortunately i cannot speak japanese, i tried to study it bt it’s so hard. So substitles are essential. Thank you very much for your work!

    1. I’m afraid I have no experience with Japanese plays at all, I haven’t even seen any, but feel free to send me information.
      I have a subbing project at the moment but there’s no reason I couldn’t consider this next if it’s appealling.
      There is only 1 issue – I assume you have them on DVD, so they have Japanese subtitles? If I don’t have access to the Japanese subtitles then I’m afraid it’s too much for me to take on – my level of Japanese simply isn’t good enough.
      If you do want to send more info, there’s a form on this page:

  13. Hello! id love to join this community ^_^ I love watching J dramas/movies and finding eng subs sometimes can be difficult 🙁 and my japanese skills are subpar.
    thank you for your hard work and commitment <3

  14. Hello, I would like to join because I do like some Japanese dramas/movies (my fav of all time is Ima ai ni yukimasu and Asuka) and enjoy watching them with Eng sub.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  15. I’m not good enough with english
    but i wanna join

    because is hard enough to search english subs for jdrama

    thanks for your share👍

  16. I want to join because i’m a fan of Asian movies and Asian music and this seems like a cool site and it’s hard to find English subs for Japanese dramas and movies.

    thank you.

  17. Hello
    i’d love to join your blog because i too am a Japanese drama enthusiast and i’m always looking for fan subbers who translate and sub them *-*
    I appreciate your hard work in subbing because i helped a friend of mine once to sub a 45min episode and it took me like a whole day to get it done so i totally understand and appreciate the efforts fan subbers put :”)

  18. Hi,
    I would like to join in order to watch amazing and well subbed jdramas that you put a lot of hard work and dedication into.

  19. Hi!

    I’d like to join your community because this is my way of supporting your hardwork instead of watching in streaming sites which steals subbers’ work. I’m on a kdrama break so I’m looking for jdramas to watch for the meantime.

    Thank you very much for your hard work!

    1. Hi!
      I’d like to join because I’m a fan of Japamese dramas and I’ve found it hard to find subbed series so I’d like to join to watch more fansubbed shows, thanks for your hard work and taking the time to sub them!

  20. Hi! I really love J-Dramas unfortunately I can’t speak and undertand nihongo. I hope you would accept me as a member. Thank you so much for your hardwork!

  21. Hello my name is William and I’m new to dorama world.
    I would like to join the member only section so I can enjoy more dorama in the near future.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  22. Hi, first of all thank you for all your hard work!
    My name is Lee and I enjoy watching all of your works. I would like to join your membership because I want to watch more J-dramas that you subbed! I hope you can accept me, thank you 🙂

  23. Hello~ I came to 2.5D world when I got to watch a short clip ofmy favorite game’s stage play, and since then I’ve been drowning further and further into 2.5D world as well as the actors themselves. Finding ways to watch dramas including 2.5D actors is a hard work already, not to mention watching it with subs… so I appreciate the hard work you put into translating! I’d love if I could join as a member, thank you very much!

  24. Hi! I’ve been watching japanese animes since I was about 10 years old and recently discovered their dramas and fell in love with it. I am also learning japanese and it helps me to get used to the language.
    Tks! 🙂

  25. i have been a fan of japanese drama for… i dont remember, 5 – 7 years, maybe. There were so many good dramas that i wanted to watch but i cant or more specifically i do not understand what’s going on or what they are saying. i know we cant guess by watching how the story goes, but still i think it will much better if it has subtitle. It’s not just because i cant what understand what the drama is about but it also what kind of “slice of life” that i can learn from the drama, not most of japanese drama got a lot of “slice of life” thingy that made me to see different thing from other’s perspective. Therefore, i am very thankful to you for subbing those dramas.

  26. I am so glad and grateful that you are still generously sharing your subs with us, non Japanese speakers. I live in Canada and I am a fan – should I say addicts 😉 – of Asian dramas and movies, especially Jdoramas. I hope you will allow me to join your community.

  27. Hello! I’m a huge fan of Jdoramas. I really enjoy watching Japanese dramas a lot. But its hard to find subtitles for it. Sometimes I had to watch it without the subs even if I can’t understand Japanese. I hope you would add me to your members’ only section. I just found your site when I was looking for Dorokei drama. J-Raws was one of my options when the most underrated or unpopular j-dramas I watch are not taken but the usual uploaders and community I follow but its gone now.

    I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Thank you so much for the hard work. I also hope we can get to know each other too.
    More power! ^^

  28. Hola, me encantan mucho las dramas Japones y los musicales. He encontrado tu pagina porque sigo mucho el trabajo de varios actores Asiáticos y he visto tu traducciones. Para mi es difícil encontrar buenas traducciones y tu trabajo me gusto muchismo. Espero que pueda seguir disfrutando de tu contenido pronto. Muchas gracias por hacer esto.

  29. Hello, I came here looking for raw j-dramas, actually without subs, because I mainly get it for my mother who likes to watch a lot of j-dramas. She’s done a lot for me, so in return, I try to find raw j-dramas for her, but nowadays, it’s been so hard to find them anywhere, so I’m trying my luck here.

  30. ola sou amante dos jdramas , lembro do meu 1* drama , sem contar que amo animes e mangás, estou focando em cada vez mais conhecer a cultura japonesa.

  31. Hi my name is Lynn. Although I’m an Arashi fan, I enjoy watching J-Dramas besides the ones with Arashi members. My problem is finding ones with subtitles. I realize subbing is a lot of work so I do appreciate the fact that you are willing to do this AND share with others. I hope you will consider adding me as a member. Thank you very much.

  32. hi…i love japanese dramas Translation is very difficult to find, I would like to watch good series thanks to you..

  33. Hello! I’m Meari and I’m a jdrama/movie and jpop fan. 🙂

    I would like to join here because I want to watch more of the dramas you subbed. I particularly found out about your site because of Dorokei. 🙂

    I hope you would accept me. Thank you for your hard work!

  34. Me encantan los jdramas y todo lo que tenga que ver con dramas asiáticos, así que ni bien encuentro sitios que se dediquen a ellos trato de unirme para disfrutar de la mayoría de contenidos… Desde ya agradezco todo lo que hacen!!!

  35. Hi… Actually i have been looking a long time for Japanese sub drama.. i have seen so many advertisement for Japanese drama, but have not been able to find..until i came across ur site… hopefully i will be able to join ur site.

    Thank you in advance.

  36. Hello, I would like to join the member only section.

    I enjoy watching Japanese dramas a lot and the dramas you have been selecting, honestly I would not have even tried to give them a chance in the past so thank you for introducing them to me and also introducing the actors/actresses that I have not known about before!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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