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Just like most of the liveJournal communities, it is important to comment first, if I haven’t accepted you, that is probably why.

Just a warning, I haven’t put much effort into this part of the site yet, I expect to do more in the future, but if you are loooking for something specific let me know…

Please don’t share the content, it is for personal use only. If you wish to do anything with it, please contact me first with a request.

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3 days ago

Hello. I want to join to watch many JDramas with subs. It’s very hard to find it anywhere so I’d like to join here. Thanks for your hard work and I’m not uploading any subbed contents without permission.

Moon Haze
Moon Haze(@moon_haze)
11 days ago

I am a member of a Russian fansub group and I hope, with permission, to use your kindly provided subtitles for translation in order to distribute the dramas to as many people as possible. You have a lot of interesting content, thank you!

14 days ago

I love JDramas and thanks to your hard work, I understand them.

16 days ago

i enjoy watching jdrama but it is not as accessible as other media content. i would like to be able to watch more jdrama with your help. thank you all for your hard work!

20 days ago

I am a huge J drama fan but I wasn’t really able to find good dramas anywhere so that is why I would like to join

28 days ago

Hi, I am a long time jdrama fan and have been on d-addicts since 2004. I have a huge admiration for fansubbers and would be very grateful if you could accept my applciation to join your fansub group. Many thanks, Psionic.

Marilyn Do
Marilyn Do(@domarilyn)
29 days ago

Hello, I am a J-Drama fan, especially in the mystery genre! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to sub all of these dramas! It’s really hard to find really good J-dramas that are subbed especially ones that are formatted in both hard subs and soft subs (I typically go for the hard subs since I find using soft subs difficult). I guess the reason why I’d like to join is to watch hard-subbed dramas; also because I want to support the subber directly instead of going on other third-party websites. Again, thank you so much!

30 days ago

Hihi! Its not easy nowadays to catch J-dramas and all, so its really nice and appreciative of you to do the subbing for everyone and still have this web running well till now! I hope to join and also keep supporting J-shows~

1 month ago

Hello, first I’d like to thank you for providing subtitles to JDramas. I am learning Japanese (slowly), and watching JDramas really helps me practice what I’m learning and learn new vocabulary.

1 month ago

So, I recently started learning japanese, and I’m practicing it by watching j-dramas with and without subtitles. That’s why I’d like to join!