Strawberry Night Saga Episode 4

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This episode was definately Himekawa’s, pehaps the crime storyline was a little lost in Himekawa’s backstory. I wished they had drawn it out a little more because it could have been a good mystery.

Still, the interplay between Himakawa and Miki was great, I loved those creepy knowing smiles between the two.

There are a few things in this drama that I am a little uncomfortable with, but I have to say that everything I have researched so far is pretty faithfully taken from the original novels. In this episode, Kuniyoku is a bit too creepy and strange for me to completely suspend belief. Unfortunately, I have run out of translated novels to find out if this is also taken straight out of the books…

Anyway, here is episode 4, hope you enjoy it! alternative way to support me, through Patreon...

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    1. Hi, I hadn’t noticed that it hadn’t been uploaded to nyaa yet, I’ve just sent a request. I’m sure it’ll be up in no time, failing that, I’ll re-time it when I get a chance. Thanks for watching!

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