Strawberry Night Saga episode 2

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So I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched any more of the original series, I’m just reading the book as I go from here.

Kame fans, you’ll probably still be rather dissapointed, there’s not much from him again and a severe lack of any sexual tension between Kikuta and Himekawa. There’s a great scene in the book, I’m hoping they go for it in part 2! I think we see a hint of jealousy on Kikuta’s part for the way Himekawa sees Hayama (see pic above), but you really have to strain to see it.

Crime-wise, I have no complaints, it’s an interesting story and has been done well. Although the really juicy stuff is to come in part 2.

I was really amused though that Kamenashi gets a name call in the book – Himekawa is surprised that Michiko doesn’t have a poster of him on the wall! alternative way to support me, through Patreon...

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