Strawberry Night Saga episode 1

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I know this version of Strawberry Night has been controversial. I really looked into it, I watched the original version of this story, and read the book. Honestly, I preferred this one. I know what it’s like when a remake is done of something you feel precious about – I absolutely couldn’t watch the drama remake of Death Note. Though after reading the book I honestly appreciated what they’d done with this version. I think Fumi Nikaido brings this fantasticaly strong yet vulnerable character to Himekawa, and Yosuke Eguchi’s Gantetsu is so much more believable.

I can’t fully rate Kamenashi on his version of Kikuta, as his character doesn’t really have enough to grab hold of in this story. I may be a Kame fan but I have to say that Hidetoshi Nishijima was one of my favourite things about the original, he was much more suited to the role. That said, I am keen to see how Kamenashi develops in this role.

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3 years ago

Hey, thanks for subbing this, and good luck with the rest of the episodes 🙂

As a non-book reader who’s only watched the earlier adaptation last year, I’m with you on Nikaido & Eguchi. Nikaido’s Reiko is somehow different and yet the same as Takeuchi’s–you know they’re playing the same character, but each brought her own interpretation, and I liked that. As for Gantetsu, I personally preferred Eguchi’s; there’s a streak of cruelty and contempt that he brought to his character that I think Takeda Tetsuya couldn’t really manage (and it didn’t help that I kept thinking, watching him, oh, it’s Kinpachi-sensei trying to channel his inner dubious-cop persona).