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Here is episode 3…

It’s beginning to get a bit darker. Hitomi’s character has changed significantly in this episode. I’m surprised that they dealt with this incident so quickly, I wonder where they could go from here and what involvement Yukitani has with it.

By the way, it was pretty frustrating to spend hours searching for the matching Shakespearian quote. I tried n Japanese and in English. I was close to buying a digital copy of the Japanese translation of Troilus and Cressida to search through, thinking it might have been an odd translation. Eventially, I found reference to the phrase in a Japanese Shakespeare compendium…. under All’s well that Ends Well. I double checked and yes, was able to find a matching quote. I wasted 2 evenings searching! I wonder if it was an intentional thing, is it something that will be discussed later or did they just get it wrong?

If I have time, I’ll search some Japanese spoiler discussion sites, but do let me know if you have any thoughts.

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