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Oh wow, This drama is great!

I think I’m a little obsessed already!

So, some of you already know that the main resource for Japaese subs is kinda out of action right now, that means it takes quite a bit longer to do each episode. It’s totally worth it though. the filming, the colours, the music, the Shakespeare influence, it has it all. And then of course Sato Ryuji’s amazing blue eyes.

I have read about the story arc and can assure you that it has some real depth to it too.

Translation notes wise, I decided to use the original Shakespeare quote from the Tempest rather than a literal translation. I thought the beauty of the words is a really vital part of this drama and I’m sure that it will become more important as it progresses.

I was torn about whether to use the word ‘judgment’ or ‘punishment’, 成敗 can mean either.

What they do seems more like punishment, but I thought they were acting out Shakespeare ideals and I believe judgment is a theme towards the end of the Tempest, that’s what made me choose that option.

so please enjoy, and as always, please let me know what your thoughts are… alternative way to support me, through Patreon...

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