Real-Fake Final episode

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So here it is, the final episode! Quite a satisfying ending for such a short drama. I really got to enjoy all the different personalities. I think some on twitter were asking when Stellar Crowns will get themselves together and release something – I really do think they should, by the end they had such great chemistry as a group that I think they would be a major hit.

I’ll be honest though, Sato Ryuji as Kakeru stole the show, his moody character and wild expressions, I’d love to see him in some more drama.

On a side note… they didn’t change their clothes (apart from at the press conference) for the duration? I guess that gave it more of a feel of a stage adptation, something a bit more removed from the real world.

Anyway – please tell me what you think, I’d love to hear fom you!

And feel free to send suggestions for a next project, I look into everything people send me, you never know when the right thing will come along!

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