Byoushitsu de Nenbutsu wo Tonaenaide Kudasai

This looks like fun – a bit of a change from the stuff I’ve subbed before, but I love a good medical drama so I’ll get stuck in and see how it goes…

Matsumoto Shouen entered monkhood because he could not rescue his childhood friend who was drowning right in front of him when he was a kid. Wanting to save the lives of the people important to him in their last moments, he also aspired to be a doctor. At the hospital, Shouen engages in medical care as an emergency doctor and also chants sutra for the deceased at the morgue or provides psychological care for terminally ill patients as a Buddhist monk. As a result, there are times when he treats patients brought into the emergency centre while he is in his robes and causes them to jump to the conclusion that they have died. Although he is disliked not only by patients but also colleagues for chanting prayers to Buddha and preaching for everything, he is cheerful and sincere. As Shouen grapples with how he should save lives, attend to deaths and support the families of patients, he grows as a doctor, a monk and a person. (mydramalist)

RAW available from Nyaa

(Raw available from Bagikuy Edit: after just spending a good few hours tryng to get rid of a virus thanks to acefiles, I now reccomend Nyaa. Both files should be identical so I’ve left the original link in case some would rather not use torrents, )

Please click here for the Japanese subs…

Note on Episode 9: All versions of this episode that I was able to find have a glitch (possible encoding error) at 32:24. It is possible that the audio and video could go out of sync depending on what software you use. VLC adds a 2 second pause then remains in sync – the time corrected version of the subs reflects this so I suggest you try that first. If that doesn’t work, at least the non-corrected version will stay in time with the audio. Please let me know how you get on!`

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    1. It seems as though this has already been subbed and is available from d-addicts. The original subber only did the first 3 eps, but someone else took over, as far as I can tell, it’s complete.

  1. Thanks so much for this and please stay safe. Also, where can I find the paravi story that ran parallel with this series. It starred Ryota Katayose and told his own story alongside the main series

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