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Episode 6 is an episode of two halves. One, the completion of the Kurikara story and the rest the continuation of Hitomi’s story. Along the way we learn a few more pieces of information abut Yusaku and Tomoki though to be honest, they just raise more questions… whilst this group of people initially seemed to have only connected through similar interests and desires it is looking so much more like they are much more deeply connected and all working together for a single cause. Though Ariel still doesn’t quite fit in the picture…

I have read comments by people who are beginning to think more that Ariel is a real person but I have a few strange incidents in this episode that make me wonder… When Yusaku is getting Hitomi to buy tickets for his play we assume that he is presenting tickets for Hitomi and Ariel. Why then does Hitomi ask ‘Why two?’

Why does Tomiki sometimes address Ariel when he is not clearly in the room?

Why when Ariel joins Hitomi in the theatre does he say to Hitomi ‘don’t talk’.

There are strange elements to the timing that don’t make complete sense, a good example is that a few episodes ago, Harumi in the editorial department is when listing famous Cressida cases, she mentions the Kurikara group incident. That episode hadn’t occurred yet, is she referring to a previous incident or is the timeline shifted?

I have many more questions and a few crazy theories but do tell me what you think, I’m fascinated to find out! alternative way to support me, through Patreon...
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