Real-Fake episode 3

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The mystery deepens…

I now wonder if everyone is involved somehow, it seems a complex web of deceit. Just who knows what? Who is working for who?

I also must confess, I don’t really know what is going on in that bizarre scene with Masayuki and Nagisa (pictured above). It’s certainly amusing, but it’s hard to translate when I don’t see the full picture. Oh the vagueness of the Japanese language! I may decide to go back and make minor changes when I better understand the implications of what they are up to.

Again, Kakeru won me over in this episode, I loved that mischevious grin as he left the press conference – just how much of this has all been planned?

Oh and a bit of BL thrown in for luck – Reijiro about Rin: ‘you’re as cute as ever’. Also, not forgetting the playfighting between Nagisa and Masayuki. We know who the boss is in that couple!

Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I am – can’t wait to find out how this is all connected… alternative way to support me, through Patreon...
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4 years ago

Awesome chapter! Thank you for the subs Miamaw!
LOOOL Masayuki and Nagisa’s scene was so weird! I was trying hard to find second implications in what they were saying but as you said, without context is really hard to guess what they really meant, OR maybe we are just overthinking and it was a scene to relieve the tension or something xD like a random sketch because it was a bit fun with the sound effect and all (≧▽≦)

Kakeru’s smirk was (º﹃º) 10/10

And YASSSS my fujoshi heart couldn’t handle that scene you mentioned (/≧ω\) w-was it real life? I enjoyed that part more than I should have (´-ω-)σ

Somehow I felt this chapter had less dialogue than the others, maybe I’m just enjoying too much? |ω・`)

I’m glad you are having fun ^^ I’m having a blast too xD kinda re-watching the chapters and all to see if I missed something (´∀`)b

Also, picking up about chapter 2 talk: the dogs on the line, I’ve had a lot of dogs and not even one has shown interest in walking on white lines xD maybe it’s a japanese thing…. or maybe it’s evilly orchestrated for the views (ㆆᴗㆆ)

4 years ago

Thank you for your hard work. It is sad, that the next episode will be the last. There is so much potencial in this show. My japanese is nowhere near to understand more than 15 words but with your subs we all can enjoy it so much more. Arrigatou.