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I’m glad that the actors are really beginning to warm up in this episode. One of the standout things that I really love so far is the look of surprise in Kakeru’s eyes when Moroya san tries to wind him up – you really get a feel for his anger rising.

I thought that the pace was really speeding up in this episode. When I was told on twitter that there are only 4 episodes it all made sense. With that in mind, we are already half way through, and so many mysterious questions to answer. By the time I have finished this post, episode 3 will be downladed ready to begin work, can’t wait to see where they take it after that cliffhanger. (Personally I don’t believe that Kakeru’s involved – I’m on his side! I could be proven wrong but I think he’s a bit of a red herring!)

Just to clarify a couple of the translator notes I added:

  1. Mr Walks the White Line – this is clearly a nod to this viral video meme about dogs that just can’t resist walking on white road lines – Link to youtube

2. The obsolete slang in the scene where Moroya is trying to get rid of the boss is a particular type of slang that was common in the bubble period – you needed to invert the word ie Gin-Za into Za-gin. The idea being that the enverted word was more excessive than the original. By using this he’s clearly taking the piss out of Sawakida and trying to make him appear old-fashioned and embarrassing.

The phrase is: Go to Za-Gin (Ginza) with Chan-Ne (Neechan – sister, actually meant cabaret hostesses) and eat Shi-Su (Sushi).

Hope you all enjoy that – I’m off to start on episode 3 now. Thanks s ever for all the ongoing support and lovely comments! Please continue to tell me your thoughts – do you suspect someone yet? Am I wrong to believe Kakeru?

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4 years ago


First of all, thanks for your hard work! we are all excited about this show. It would be nice if you could share your thoughts of every chapter if that’s ok with you (人´∀`)

About Mr walks the white line videos… I wonder if the dogs were trained to do that or if they just actually like to follow white lines ( ̄□ ̄;)
I don’t think Kakeru is involved either but I kinda like him so maybe I’m biased
(〃 ̄ω ̄〃).
I’m a potato so I still haven’t figured out something specific to doubt any of the other guys but I don’t like Yusuke, I feel he’s a bit more fake than the others when he’s not being filmed.(´ヘ`;)

4 years ago

Thank you very much for episode 1 and 2 subs! 🙂