Real⇔Fake episode 1

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Episode 1 is ready to download – please click here

First, just a warning for those who like to catch every single word on the screen – there is a lot of text in the first few minutes, you may want to have the pause button ready…

What a mysterious start – this could go anywhere. I think the actors are just warming up at the moment but I think it’ll be interesting to see their skills develop – kind of in the same way we enjoy watching Japanese Idol groups develop – wow, how meta!

It certainly is a realistic set-up so I think it has a lot of promise, I’m perhaps concerned that it seems a bit low-budget at the moment and it really relies on the strength of the acting. So I really hope they can do it justice and make it feel believable. We’ll have to wait and see.

Please tell me what you think of it, what do you like, what don’t you like, are you enjoying it? Are you fans of the actors? I’m afraid I don’t know any of them.

Finally, I have created an annoted image of the whiteboard in the last scene for those who want a closer view, here it is… alternative way to support me, through Patreon...
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