A popular and beautiful male idol named Akane disappears shortly after joining the boy band “Stellar Crowns”. The responsibility of finding him falls on the shoulders of the other members of Stellar Crowns, however, the relations between them starts to fall apart when a mysterious letter appears informing that the criminal is among the members of the group.

Raw files available from Nyaa (WEBDL] or join for members only content

I’m also including due to request, a version timed to the DVD – this is the full version with all 4 episodes…

English Subs:

Japanese subs:

30 Replies to “Real⇔Fake”

  1. Hello Miamaw, thank you for your subs, I appreciated them a lot! There’s apparently a new sequel now, will you be subbing those as well?

    1. I probably will sub this as it is a relatively short and easy job. I’m not sure when I can start though, I’ve just moved house to start a masters degree and I need to settle in first.

  2. Thank you so much! I heard the op song through Spotify and became quickly interested in this, so I’ve done some research and here I am. I’m really thankful, thanks for subbing. Lots of love from Brazil! 💖

  3. Hello and thank you again for your hard work! I’m not sure if it’s too much to ask, but could you please translate the op lyrics? You can hear the full version on, just type “stellar crowns real” on the search bar. Sorry to be bothering you, it’s just that I’m really curious to know what the lyrics says, and I’m pretty sure other fans feel this way. Thanks for your time and patience!

    1. I needed the Japanese lyrics to be able to translate it. It has been hard to find and I don’t think I have it all but there is enough to give you an idea. As I can’t start on ep 4 yet as I’m still waiting for a raw, I’m sure I can translate the song.

      1. You need AegiSub to open subtitle file. Just download the sub and raw file from Nyaa and put it in one folder. Then, when you open the video file, the subs will appear in it already.

        1. I was waiting for a response largely because chia-ko said that they were unable to open the file. This is strange because if you were expecting a video file, it would still open though just as a text file. I would like to point out I have a page on my site dedicated to using soft subs which you will find here:
          And lastly, you do not need aegisub to watch subtitled videos, only if you want to edit the subtitles.
          But thank you for your response, I appreciate your help.

  4. Thank you so much. Your work is very much appreciated. Regrettably I have not been able so far to get the raws for direct download. The LJ links are blocked and other sites are not offering it for free download. if you find it anywhere (no torrent), I´d appreciate information ^-^.

    1. Hi! I’d recommend downloading the raws from Bilibili. They’re usually divided in 3/4 parts but the quality is good and it doesn’t take too long to download them!

      1. Thanks for your help regarding RAWs. I have contacted screenrider directly and this is resolved. I would suggest to anyone else that as I have timed these to the version on Nyaa any other RAW might be out of sync. The Nyaa uploader has also made them available on a blog, the link is on the Nyaa page.

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