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A rumor spreads that Kureshida is able to solve people’s problems. Because of this, Kureshida’s popularity on social media explodes. Kureshida actually consists of its leader Hitomi, Yusaku, Tomoki and Kimito, but the public is unaware of their individual identities. Every day, the 4 members of Kureshida gather at the library where Tomoki works. They select a client among the people who have sent in their stories, collect information about that person and try to solve their problems.

Source: MyDramaList

All episodes are timed to the Magicstar RAW available at, though they also sync to the NSBC 1080p version.

If you have trouble with the torrent on Nyaa, join for members only content

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      1. πŸ˜… Sorry, my fault for not explaining that I was releasing both versions. I only decided to do it after realising that I couldn’t use the 720p version of ep 2 and wanting some kind of consistency. I’m working on ep 2 already but don’t have access to jpn subs yet so it’s a much slower process.

        1. Please don`t be sorry, we are so grateful that you chose this series to sub , really appreciated much. Go yukkuri. Good luck in everything.

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