Shinjuku Seven

Nanase runs a pawnshop in the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. He is a genius appraiser able to distinguish fakes from originals. He gets pretty much everything at his pawn shop. When clients come to his shop, Nanase appraises their items and also tries to solve their worries.

~Based on the manga series “Shinjuku Seven” by Mizuki Subaru (writer) & Oku Michinori (illustrator).

    Native Title: 新宿セブン

    Also Known As: Shinjuku Sebun

(Source: myDramaList)

The 480p version to RAWs from: Nyaa

and the 720p version is timed to the RAWs from:

Note: When I created these subs, was missing eps 9-11 so these are timed to the RAWs from the locked LiveJournal UedaWorld.

All RAWs are now available on but I have not checked if the timing matches.

If it needs re-timing, please let me know.

Episode 1      480p | 720p

Episode 2       480p | 720p

Episode 3       480p | 720p

Episode 4       480p | 720p

Episode 5       480p | 720p

Episode 6       480p | 720p

Episode 7       480p | 720p

Episode 8       480p | 720p

Episode 9       480p | 720p

Episode 10      480p | 720p

Episode 11      480p | 720p

Complete zip   480p | 720p

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