Shinjuku Seven

Nanase runs a pawnshop in the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. He is a genius appraiser able to distinguish fakes from originals. He gets pretty much everything at his pawn shop. When clients come to his shop, Nanase appraises their items and also tries to solve their worries.

~Based on the manga series “Shinjuku Seven” by Mizuki Subaru (writer) & Oku Michinori (illustrator).

    Native Title: 新宿セブン

    Also Known As: Shinjuku Sebun

(Source: myDramaList)

Timed to RAWs from: Nyaa

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2 years ago

I’m excited to start this soon!

3 years ago

Whoa… it’s here! Thank you for your heart and effort.
A good morning.
You are the best! I love you, sending a big hug.
I’m enjoying it so much. ^^

3 years ago

Hi.. thank you for taking me to your shelter members only.
I’m looking raw for your sub. Do you still have Kekkon Aite wa Chusen de (8 ep) and this Shinjuku Seven (11 ep)? Do you mind to share it?

J-raws no longer available and for nyaa, its blocked on my country.
But if its too much, maybe I’ll look somewhere else. Regardless, thank you for having me ^^.

nyan nyan…..