Red Eyes: Kanshi Souza Han

The Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s Investigation Support Analysis Centre is a unit which tackles criminal investigations by using big data collated such as footage from some 5 million surveillance cameras nationwide. Fushimi Kyosuke a former detective with the Prefectural Police’s First Investigation Division, is a special investigator whose loved one was murdered by a serial killer. The other members of the unit are civilians including a former university professor in criminal psychology who is an expert in profiling, a single mother who used to be with the Self Defence Forces and a young genius hacker. They seems like a dream team but all of the members are former criminals with dark pasts.

(source: MDL)

Japanese subs available here

Raw thanks to NSBC available direct here or from Dramahd here

Main sub version also syncs with the Magicstar subs on Nyaa

Also added a version synced to the Kame-world raw

As so many have had trouble accessing raw files, I have added a hardsubbed version in the members only section, here. If you are not a member, please click here and follow the instructions to join.

Episode 4 translators note – I have taken a little creative liberty as the original Japanese was a little nonsensical – In the ‘Time until…’ segments, the actual text says time until swallowed bags dissolve which is clearly not what was said in the dialogue and also not a true depiction of what was going on.

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  1. how do I play the download? I tried to use VLC and I can’t get the file to open or even find it off of my computer with this. Can anyone help me. I would like to watch this drama. It looks like it would be interesting.

  2. First episode was great! I can’t wait to watch more! Your subs are so clean and great, thank you so much for doing this! It must take so much time and effort, so i greatly appreciate that you picked this drama up.

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    However none of the links for the video works for me.
    Gotta find another place to find the raw D:

  4. Thank you for doing the sub, however the raw redirects to an Indonesian site, and even after the captcha, I don’t know where to click after, my anti-virus is blocking after so many redirects.

  5. Thank you so much, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to find subs for Japanese Drama’s. Again, thank you so much.


  6. Ureshii desu. Thank you so much for picking this up, I was pretty sure that you will sub this coz yeah! Kame kun. Looking forward.

  7. Thanks so much for taking this drama on! It has great cast from Shishido Kavka, Matsushita Nao and Shuri (she’s new to me but liked her is some dramas) 😀

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