Kekkon Aite wa Chuusen de Episode 8

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It’s now complete!

Find episode 8 here

Or download the whole series as a zip here

I’d love to discuss it with you, but I don’t ant to give any spoilers!

I did find it a satisfying ending though.

One small point that seemed to much to include as a translators note, in the final scene they bring up the idea of ‘honne’ which I translated as true intentions as it was the best fit for the flow. For those who have never heard of honne, this will help you understand the significance…

Short Japanese culture lesson!

There is an aspect of Japanese culture known as ‘honne vs tatemai’
本音 – 建前
Honne is a person’s true feelings while tatemai is their public personna. A person may hide their true feelings when with others. They are generally expected to have a collective sentiment and therefore they should go along with the crowd. This fosters a sense of co-operation and avoids conflict, it is considered a vital aspect of Japanese society.

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5 years ago

I was really hoping they would truly get together at the end. But I guess it is in a way implied that they will be. This was an amazing drama. It’s been a long time since I watched a J-Drama that I enjoyed this much. I am sad to see it end.