Bokura wa Koi ga Hetasugiru

Bokura wa Koi ga Heta Sugiru
Date: From 11.55 p.m., Sundays, 25 October 2020
Station: ABC TV
Genre: Romance
Original Work: Bokura wa Koi ga Heta Sugiru by Tachibana Eiko
Scriptwriters: Fukutani Keisuke, Uchida Hiroki
Directors: Ono Koji, Sakamoto Hidetaka
Cast: Kawashima Umika, Shirasu Jin, Shiono Akihisa, Asakawa Nana, Shimasaki Toa, Noro Kayo, Oba Mina
Synopsis: Fujiwara Hana (Kawashima Umika) and Katayama Mizuki (Asakawa Nana) have been best friends since elementary school. When Hana gets dumped by her boyfriend who was cheating on her, Hana and Mizuki take a trip together to relieve her heartbreak. They meet two guys – Narita Yosuke (Shirasu Jin) and Ichinose Ayumu (Shiono Akihisa) – at a hot spring inn at their destination. Although they have only just become acquainted, Yosuke suddenly chides Hana, who does not have it in her nature to speak her mind. At first, Hana gets defensive. But she starts to realise that her inability to speak out because she is too mindful of others is a shortcoming and tries to change. On the other hand, Mizuki, who has never dated seriously before, wants to be loved. Yosuke is despised for saying things that he thinks are for the other party’s sake while Ayumu is a mixture of kindness and frivolousness. Then there is Ayumu’s “younger brother” Kanata (Shimasaki Toa). Friendship, jealousy, betrayal and quarrels swirl in each of them. They start to come to terms with themselves through love.
Preview: Bokura wa Koi ga Heta Sugiru CM


Raw available at Nyaa

Japanese subs here

Episode 7 isn’t currently available from Nyaa, you can find the NSBC raw here

25 Replies to “Bokura wa Koi ga Hetasugiru”

  1. I like how the synopsis just throws in Kanata’s name into the mix without giving anything away. Looking forward to ep 4!

  2. Thank you very much for these 2 episodes, I love this beginning of drama.
    And thanks for your great work, I like the way you translate 🙂

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