Sub request form

I am unlikely to be able to take on a new project until September – I am currently completing Dragon Zakura and will then take on Real-Fake s2, but after that I’ll be prioritising work and study. You’re still welcome to send requests, I may choose to take one up later in the year.

I only sub Japanese drama series’ or specials which have available Japanese sub files. It’s also not always possible to work on projects from streaming sites as it can be difficult/impossible to get hold of Japanese subs. Please don’t ask me to sub movies, there are other subbers who specialise in movies.

If it’s something old or unusual, please add links to help me find it, if you have links to both a RAW and Japanese sub file there is more chance I’ll be able to take it on.

Do not add links to streaming sites, because I won’t use them. If you have to link to something, an Asian wiki/ myDrama list or equivalent will be sufficient

An e-mail is not essential, but if you include one, I might reply with any info I have about your request.